Day 7 in Germany

Dear Olga,

this is my last day.

I took the same route as on the first day and was still able to discover something new.

Seven days are enough to give the problem a visual voice.

I could have visited more dirty places, but in this way I have an inner plastic map of my living space. And for a such sparsely populated area in nature it is alarming. Let’s think about, that we can do.

Here you can see my visited areas on a map and the last pictures:

Day 6 in Germany

Dear Olga,

it’s Sunday and very cold outside. For the first time in this winter we have persistent negative temperatures. Jochen walks with the dogs and he will bring me some pictures of plastic. I heat the oven and prepare the meal. It’s going to be a lazy day, some Sunday yoga exercises, lying on the sofa with Netflix, knit while watching … thinking about, how I can reduce my own plastic waste.