Dear Maritta,

It’s Friday, cloudy, but Friday! Daniel and I went to the small pine forest closed to our home. There you can enjoy an almost virgin land, without plastic or people. So I took the pictures on the way before the forest and the way back home.

You will see some photographs with burnt trees, that’s because here in Spain some people, enjoy causing fires. Last summer we had two small ones near the village… Frustrating! We have so few trees… we cannot allow this to happen.

2 thoughts on “Day 3 in Spain

  1. Dear Olga,
    it’s good to see some areas without plastic like your forest and our fishing ponds.

    But it is also sad to see that there are so many stupid people all around like the ones that burn the trees. We have seen a family with two children who ignited fireworks in trees.

  2. It’s simply too sad, Maritta… I can’t see those burnt trees without feeling anger and helplessness. It’s difficult to avoid this kind of barbarism because they do it in solitary places where nobody can see them. I can’t understand how anybody could do such a thing…

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