Dear Maritta,

Today it started raining, just some drops, but it has been such a long time without rain that it still was a joy! We went to a garden near home which was surprisingly clean, compared to other areas around, but not completely free from plastic…

It was siesta time and there was no one except for some kids playing together; when they noticed our presence one of them said: “they must be taking pictures of wild mushrooms!” and I had to laugh. You may not know it, but here children are louder than in Germany, so we heard every word, even when we were at a certain distance. But it didn’t take long untill their curiosity grew and they shouted out loud: “What are you searching for?” And I told them that we were searching for plastics, something that shouldn’t be there… Probably they thought I was crazy.

Anyway, here is the result of our daily plastic hunt.

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