Dear Maritta,

Today I’ve done my last photo session, though I feel this has been a beggining… I have to do an extra effort to reduce my use of plastic, I know that it’s just like a drop in the ocean, when so much people around don’t care, but I also feel that we are every day more the people that really want things to change and this could really make a difference…

The pictures I took today are probably the saddest. It’s a large area where people just throw anything, unfortunately it looks like a dump. I don’t understand how they can do such a thing, so close to their home, where they children could be playing… During my solitary walk I thought about the days when there was no plastic at all, when life was simpler and we had far fewer comforts, but the world was a safer place.

I guess it is not eassy to be optimistic after a week searching for plastics… but I will try to focus on what I said at the beginning, after all, traying to do my best is all I can do.  



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