We are two artists living in Spain and Germany, and we use this blog to communicate in different ways.

Hi there! I’m Olga. I live in Spain, not so far away from Madrid, but at enough distance to be safe from noise and polution. I am an Art teacher at a Highschool and I have in common with Maritta, apart from other important things, the love for nature.

Hi there! I’m Maritta. I live in Germany in a small village near Kassel – in the middle of Germany and in the middle of nature. Living in an old cottage with a big garden, two dogs and several hives of bees I love nature, the fresh air and the stars by night.

Our first common project: plastic is not fantastic

This was an idea that came up trying to find a concrete proposal to start an artistic dialogue, something we were eager to practice for a long time.  The issue of plastics is one of the many environmental problems we have to face at the moment. Something should be done, that’s a fact. Governments should force companies to change their ways, but that is beyond our reach… but all of us can recycle, all of us can reduce the use of plastic in everyday life and we can try to raise awareness over the situation. That is the aim of this blog.  We started by taking photographs, and after the first session we thought that it was not enough, so we started picking up the plastics we could and took them to the closest plastic container.

It’s interesting how our experience of a walk in nature has changed after this project. We really were not aware of the amount of plastics that were everywhere, because we were searching for a relaxing time, and that makes it harder and less enjoyable, it is always easier not to really pay attention to the problems.