Dear Olga,

today I had to go to the city of Fritzlar in the morning. As you know Fritzlar is a nice small town with old buildings from the Middle Ages. The phone box you see above is one of my favourite places in Fritzlar. Here people can exchange their books. It’s a wonderful sustainable idea. Unfortunately today with a plastic bag.

Otherwise, the city was very clean.

In the afternoon I will go back to nature with the dogs. I’ll probably find more there.

Indeed, the second trip was horrific. I went with the dogs through the fields. Our vegetables and the food for the animals will grow here.

See for yourself.

2 thoughts on “Day 2 in Germany

  1. Dear, Maritta, you are so productive! I am excited with our project! I could just today start with the photographs and I’m looking forward to upload the first ones! I wish the day had 28 hours!!

  2. Dear Olga, today is just the third of seven days and I’m already tired and frustrated. Plastic everywhere. In our environment, our food, our bodies … the problems are known but what can we do?

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